Picture found on Pinterest

Hi Guys,

Hope you have been well. So you know me doing my best scrolling down on pinterest seeing what DIY i can try next hehehehhehe. I came across this image above and all i can say is this is MAKE UP GOALS!!!! so unfortunately we here in South Africa are not so blessed to have IKEA to get this , but however i found this company called MSD Furnitures on Instagram and Facebook and they make these makeup vanity’s and other stuff , so i emailed them and found out that they actually customize them to your needs so i sent them this picture and they can make it !!!! I paid a whopping R3800 which i my opinion is reasonably priced . Unfortunately the only thing i had to get on my own was the bulbs which i actually don’t mind cause i want some good quality bulbs on them. I will be receiving my vanity on Tuesday the 3rd of September 2019 . I can’t wait to show it to you guys 🙂 i am super excited about this .

Till Next time


Andrea G

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